The Countryballs Show 2 S2 E8 (Different)

Well! You herd that on previous video, I will make TCBS first, then a mapping video, after that, I start to think to make my stories video like some channels.


  1. Amazing animation!
    Also, do you have DIscord? If so, my username is ModelFox#4274. I could help with the Countryballs, I could send you the files of the Countryballs. I'm also wondering if we can be friends.
    I'm a French 13 year old boy with the Asperger Syndrome.

  2. Nice video, though I thought I was gonna see a classical Country Ball episode where jokes about stereotypes and stereotypes would be everywhere, not too political. Oh Boy I was Wrong. Can’t we catch a break every once in a while.
    P.S. No one loves to moke everything political, not even the most politics obsessed people.

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