1. Hey kali….I got some rabbit manure with,what I believe to be little peaces of cob from corn I'm sure theres piss to and I know u can throw rabbit manure straight in ur garden but I know ur not doing it so I was wondering if I should or not I can just use it for my garden if not but I did want to do exactly what u do that's why I cant decide ty..short circuit "I need input"

  2. You like the mad scientist of the weed world…fecking love this channel , if you ever visit manchester uk brother hit me up you welcome to chill with me il take you on a tour of my gardens id live to pick some of that genius knowledge of yours ..keep it up by far my favourite channel on youtube …ps by far ..love your work peace out brother

  3. Great work gromie thanks mate. My uncle told me once to go down to the local sewerage plant and get some of the treated waste and mix it in a 44 gallon drum with water and feed them once a week the results where fucking huge plants had to pull 1 early because it hit the roof of the hot house and blocked the sun out for the rest. Then some scumbag stole the rest 🀬

  4. Hey man…first off, thanks for making the effort to share all this info with us in your unique style. Quick question tho: Are you straining those blended sprouts because you use a sprayer to apply the tea and don't wanted the mulched up seeds to clog your sprayer? I just pour my water/nutrients/teas etc. on with a small watering can (small, indoor garden) so I'm thinkin' of just pouring on the whole goopy mess, perhaps diluted a bit with water. I mean those seeds are organic matter and should just decompose/compost into my soil, right? Anyone out there ever try this? Is there a good reason not to? Thanks KGB/community.

  5. Love it Kali, so much info from you're channel, I remember this video from last year πŸ‘I'm just absorbing all this Info for when I'm able to grow legally. Much love from Pennsylvania

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