Terminal Patients Got Drugs Without FDA Approval. It Added Years to Their Lives.

The “Right to Try” movement, which recently became federal law, allows doctors to prescribe experimental treatments that haven’t been approved for sale by …


  1. The FDA is guilty until proven innocent. Not to mention that private institutions could create medical boards that investigate when requested instead of in all circumstances so that far more options are available. You have to believe that people in the medical industry, one based off of trying to cure the sick, want you to suffer or die. Mistakes are made and corrected, an institution that helps identify which medicines are effective at their roles or dangerous is helping that while the FDA hurts it. With wide spread knowledge of drug tests, it only takes a few patients to determine if a drug prototype is effective.

  2. This is the same reason sunscreens sold in the US are practically useless. It talkes ages to pass the FDA tests and it's simply cost ineffective. In Europe sunscreens are classified as cosmetic products, and can be brought faster to the market. Most US sunscreens wont' even qualify as such on the other side of the Atlantic. Enjoy your cancer.
    Meanwhile, in my country, not only patients are encouraged to try new treatments for terminal deseases, these treatments are more often than not covered by the national medicare.

  3. I'd like to see the data behind Right To Try. I think the conclusion that it's FDA overreach and not patents is interesting, I'd like to see if there's any data behind it.

    Protecting the dying, and the dying's family from Conmen makes sense. I think this is definitely a hard spot to be in though.

  4. There is another dark side of this that Reason is completely ignoring. The main people pushing this “right to try”. Are pharmaceutical companies. The legislation essential says if an experimental drug kills someone there is no real legal recourse, the drug companies get free research and have virtually no liability. It preys on the fears of already desperate people.

  5. The cynic could say these pharmaceutical manufacturers need more guinea pigs to try their drugs on. "Right to try" could mean:

    1. People are willing to pay to take the experimental drugs that currently cannot be marketed or sold any other way.
    2. People are willing to share their valuable reaction and progress data to the pharmaceutical company for free.
    3. The pharmaceutical company doesn't have to disclose a word if the patient dies.

    Sounds like a huge win for Big Pharma cloaked in a Libertarian humanitarian wrapper?

  6. This reminds me of the Dallas Buyers Club where they prevented HIV/AIDs patients from using herbal or alternative medications that weren't approved by the FDA. I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix if anyone wants to watch its a great movie!

  7. Common sense would tell you find a smart doctor that's cases about whether the drugs he prescribes you will do more harm than good and also is a smart enough doctor to know which drugs are actually good and which ones are bad with money behind them.

    It's astounding that the opioid crisis started with doctors prescribing opioids to patients.

  8. It takes wisdom to understand the damage FDA does everyday. Millions die because of the regulations. All it takes is political mob fear to create this tragedy!

  9. Leftists don't mind when more people die because lesser people in the USA will cut cost in their high gov't spending. This is why the left supports abortions, another way to cut the cost of big spending.

  10. Sane regulation is necessary to a civilized society; but insane regulation, which the government excels at stifles innovation and drives up costs.

  11. If the FDA could stick to finding the side effects and placing them in plain English on the package then i would be fine with them but don't tell people what they can and can't take to save their lives that's stupid. Same with all drugs. Just give me the risks I'll decide for myself.

  12. The FDA is a group of beurocratic pieces of shit that should ONLY BE FORCING COMPLIANCE OF DISCLOSURES! The drug is bad for pregnant woman? FDA should force them to have a large ass label saying this. Extend this to every single drug and then maybe have a "select " process that drugs known to be safe enough for over the counter sale can be approved under but despite approval or not people should be free to buy and try whatever they want with a doctors Rx and the FDA should only be there to make sure the drugs are used safely and have zero control over if the drug can actually be sold or not. What about we makea horribl long and expensive process to allow the people to eat sushi so they dont starve to death! You cant know 100% it is safe. It is raw after all. So better they just starve! Add in pharmacies and there is another level of control to keep drugs normal people shouldnt be using under control. Just allow people to buy and try whatever they want to save their own lives! Fuck the FDA for letting people die because they wont let them try an experimental drug. What a bunch of morally bankrupt, reprehensible pieces of human shit so caught up in their bullshit dillusion of "I am helping" blah blah blah Bullshit that they cant seperate themselves from their shit mountain pedestal long enough to realize they are killing those around them who dont need to necessarily die. Plus I know they dont think about the repercussions the family of those who die from lack of experimental treatment access and how that misery spreads because the FDA is a bunch of over entitled overgrown beurocratic government parasites!

  13. Wow I'm so pleased this doctor found this drug treatment and excited about right to try law. I'm an RN who have seen 1st hand family and patients die that could possibly have lived longer.

  14. Drugs do need to be tested for efficacy and safety. Pharmaceutical companies want to make money more than they want the best for people. Look at implanted medical devices to see what an unregulated industry looks like.
    But letting people who are dying take an untested drug can't really create a worse outcome than death.

  15. The FDA is a hack for big pharma and they are hiding things from us that would help if not cure a number of illnesses because they are hand feed by big pharma. We live in a really shitty country when it comes to things like this. The FDA, or any other bureaucratic joke should not be telling us what we can and cannot do with our own bodies! When you consider these assholes have made it legal for a woman to kill a baby, they have ZERO room to tell me what I can do to MYSELF PERIOD!

  16. Making the FDA only adversary sounds like a good idea on the surface. Corruption, lying, and misrepresenting results is still a concern, for example, see the movie VAXXED which directly claims the CDC covered up the correlation they found between the MMR vaccine and autism.

  17. Heroin use for non terminal… technically illegal but it’s a “disease” so we get public funded safe injection sites for people actively killing themselves. Experimental drug for the actively dying people who want to live their life and contribute to society, science and medical research… How dare you break the law we enacted to protect you from possible cures we haven’t had time to run through the Washington money ringer yet!

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