Sean Paul Talks Contra La Pared, Working with Beyonce and Rihanna & Old Records

SeanPaul stopped by the studio to talk about his song Contra La Pared with #JBalvin, working with #Beyonce & #Rihanna, collaborations and his classic hits!


  1. Very cool!! It's crazy how many iconic music moments he was a part of throughout my entire life. Question– where are you guys syndicated, like do these get aired on the radio too?

  2. Yo Zach, you made it, Will Smith just used 10 seconds of one of your interviews on his latest Bel-Air reaction video on his channel. And we see your face 😄👍

  3. Zach I love this ! I’m a millennial so growing up listening to Sean was the best time of my life! I appreciate when you get real musicians/artist here to speak the real shit! People who make their own beats, write their own lyrics and do production! Such as Sean Paul, Bebe Rexha, and Ariana. Clearly have great voices and are involved more then just being the face. Also loved that you interviewed someone who has been around since mid 90s to know who really has a lot of experience and can speak from this. We don’t always wanna hear all the recent manufactured artist(no offense) love the switch up and love to see what other artist/musicians are up to now

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