MedMen – Behind the Scenes: New Normal – Spike Jonze

Behind the scenes of β€œThe New Normal,” MedMen’s historic cannabis film directed by Spike starring Jesse Williams. This film features a cast composed of real …


  1. People who use it strictly for recreation and not medicinal use, have NO IDEA how much it helps our ailments!! For us its a better quality of life. Its the difference between being able to sleep or not. To keep down food or not. To experience excruciating nerve pain or not. For our children and even our pets to control their seizures or not. It helps for numerous conditions. Our pain, health and quality of life is at stake here! Not whether ppl can enjoy it for recreation.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  2. : The main benefit for me to cannabis …
    It makes me see and tell the truth.

    The choice is simple: greed and hypocrisy … or the world and life?

    May all nature receive the same love as cannabis.

  3. It was such an honor to be involved in this first in history kind of event. The professionalism of the entire crew was amazing, yet it was such a fun environment between takes. Hope that the Federal government will soon treat marijuana with the same lack of intensity as with alcohol. Thanks to MedMen for this awesome opportunity to be part of history.

  4. End the war on drugs. It does more harm than good. If you could buy it in a store the problem would disappear. Before the drug war you could just walk into a store called, an Apothecary, and learn about the products you might need to treat yourself or improve your health. Then pay for them and take them home for proper personal lawful use.

    The War on Drugs is obviously Unconstitutional!
    Everyone participating in this illegal act; politicians, prosecutors, police, Judges, Jailers are TRAITORS AND CRIMINALS!

    I realize this is a harsh statement. However remember our governments, Federal, States, Countys, Cities and Towns are victimizing it’s citizenry most horrendously!

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