1. Hey Gary, not to be rude but you're shitting on this kid and not recognizing the fact that if he's selling drugs he's probably had very few opportunities and what's the nonsense about being poor? Didn't you inherit a three million dollar store? I understand your want for motivation, but you can't hold everyone to the same expectations. We talk about these issues of wealth but we only understand them from a perspective of self. Half of us are just managing and motivation only goes so far before it becomes damaging.

  2. Do not focus on the things you can't change. Put your energy on the things you can do and eventually you will be able to expand your bubble of things you can change 🙂 Love you G.V

  3. So Good. Its true too many people, not even Entrepreneurs are cry babies. Instead of actually changing things and moving forward they live in the complaining zone and waste a lot of their life.

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