1. He gives all these crazies the business!! I love JP! He has a way of making ppl see how silly they really are. Jeez.šŸ’ÆšŸ˜‚
    I'm living it up ,eating what I want and being happy with the time I have on Earth!

  2. They say coffee enemas are very healthy. I would imagine so. Just think how effective they would be with direct application, considering how the normal coffee I put in my mouth hole works….which is to say, extremely well. Even a small creamer-size Stok shot never fails. That's why I love coffee, other than its fun pick-me-up effects. Being regular is good. You do feel light. Nothing worse than feeling backed up, lemme tell ya. Now for more deep detoxing, I'm off to that infrared sauna for a week straight. I'll only exit in order to relieve myself and get more towels. I expect to be translucent and super tox-free when I'm done.

  3. There's a story about a guy who asked a guru how to live a long life. "You must give up all earthly pleasures, such as junk food, sex, television, happy hours, and so on". "Oh, then I'll live for many years?" "Shit, son, I don't know, but it will certainly feels like never-ending".

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