1. There must be something around that the slugs are living at and your plants are attracting the as a food source. Salt barrier? ?
    It's nice to partner up on a grow ,BUT, LOL, always have your own spots.
    Just in case there is a fail or dispute, crop missing.
    Try to work with the weather, ,look for rain day's to transplant into the ground.
    Try to line up to the rising morning sun, plants line up to sunrise, ,a good 9hrs of sunlight.
    Without good moisture, seedlings can putter out.
    When you top out in the wild,,count branches, more branches means more bud site's.
    Keep growing
    Showing; *)

  2. may i recormend feeding the birds to keep them hanging around and they will sort all the slugs out that come near your plants. sure they may damage the baby plants . but once they know that there is a free meal there . they will start to hang around more and when the feed runs low they will be scoffing up all the slugs and baby slug that come near. the trick is feeding them enough . but not to much that they ignore the slugs. even better if you can get a hedgehog to hang around.
    i think we will be good for frost from now on down south . i wouldnt know for up north. we are nearly to may , it would be unheard of to get a frost that late in the year around where i am down south. photo period is 12 light 12 dark . i do it if it looks like im goning to run out before harest. take a few plants and put them to bed early(put em in the dark), the wife started saying that i was putting the plants to bed and it stuck .
    all the best with your grows this year. but try feeding the birds at one of your sites and see how you get on , once the birds get used to the seed always being there , they will leave your plants alone more and more.

  3. You dont fuck about do you mate Haha?!
    I'm getting confused by so many conflicting opinions online, but you seem to be a 'No nonsense, get it in the ground' type dude.
    I'll be checking your videos out and hopefully I'll learn a thing or two 👌

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