Coffee & Weed – Ep.8 – We Stand United!!!👍 Lets Make This Happen!!!👍

All For One & One For All!!! – This Family Rocks!!! -Here is the link to……… -Here is the link to……… -Let’s email these 2 …


  1. What do y'all rate the strain candyland ? Got some young ladies donated , I've never grown or tasted candyland before, was hoping for some feedback, thanks love yall.

  2. I Have to wait 15 Hours for this video before my wake & bake. Because its about 5:30pm here when you post! Well worth the wait! Slerping and Squeeking with ya man!

  3. Now that coffee looks nice and strong. Gonna need an Indica or some CBD to follow that up or you're gonna get the jitters. I'll make a coffee and weed video, dedicated to you and all the other growmies, showing how I make my coffee in the morning. I try and teach this coffee brewing technique to as many people as I can because it's not only budget-friendly but makes a really good cup of coffee. It also allows you to put the right amount of grounds for the strength you desire. If you have decarboxylated cannabis you can steep it right in with the coffee this way to get the tea effect.

  4. You got the right idea sir. Whenever you need us, just communicate and let us know specifics so that we can assist you to the best of our ability. We are a family sir you are correct. And we are all here together!

  5. As you have seen, Mister Kali buds the pen is mightier than the sword. Or in this case emails are outstanding and Powerful especially when written in a professional manner and directed by the thousands

  6. Mister Kali buds, good afternoon. By my time it is 7:57 p.m. Rosemead California time. Just wanted to let you know I dropped two emails very professionally written to that tree company. Thank you so much for harnessing our energy and focusing it in a specific Direction so that we can accomplish

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