1. well I can only speak for myself however mine beg for n receive trim in raw form.. have been for over a yr now with no ill effects other than they are now barred from the gardens along with my munching feline. lol. as far as cbd here.. as ya kno cannabis remains a schedule 1 narcotic and now the DEA has raged war by making ALL OILS, EXTRACTS & BY-PRODUCTS of the plant illegal. never ends

  2. I think u may lose some terps and other things if u leave a bunch broke up for a period of time ,its better if u break up just what your gonna puff,but then u gotta break it up everytime your ready to puff and that gets old to lol tough one eh, your bubba looks bomb muddy!

  3. I never gave my dog weed directly but whenever i would smoke it he always came up to me and get right into my face . He would sniff the air like another dogs butt and then sneeze .

  4. Thought I'd join you in breaking out the kief for a special one.
    I'll have to look at what options there are for cats, as my little buddy gets older.
    Cheers Del! 🙂

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