6 Types of Childhood Abuse

Childhood abuse can have far reaching effects. From insecurities to intimacy issues, from not daring to trust people to difficulties making friends, the effects of …


  1. In my near death is easier than more.living because of my father thinking mind and his talking (shouting) style always blame me for other mistakes. Always absue me.and second my ALLAH TALLAH always leave me bad time always lost my.every thing my mother my childhood love my career always reason happens and supprise me. To much hard work in the and merical happens and I got nothing empty hand and my enemies get every thing as gift In door.

    I confused way ALLAH TALLAH did this to me.

  2. My Bff has helicopter parents which made her unable to develop some skills. Because of that her parents get more and more overprotective.
    Our classmates think she's weird because she has trouble understanding things and acts childish (she also has a learning disability which affects her grades).

    I want to help her but I don't know how?
    Do you guys have any advice?

  3. It’s sad that I went through most of these.
    Not going to state which ones I did and which ones I didn’t.
    But I can say for sure I’m not mentally okay. And I’m having lots of trouble in school and I do not feel safe in my own home.
    Or around any of my family. Or anyone for that matter. Only if I’m REALLY close and attached to you.
    It’s sadd

  4. One time (last week) I called out my mom on constantly calling me the “B” word, “P”, “A”, she would tell me F off, or to go live with my dad (my dad was never there for me, leaving me when I was 1ish to do drugs), this was last week, she started sobbing. Is it awful I cried my self asleep with thoughts of her trying to kill herself. Once and awhile I sneaked downstairs to see if she was okay, she was thank god.

    I’m just a awful daughter.. I should have never called her out, because now every night I silently cry my self asleep..

    She also has slapped me from time to time I wouldn’t count it for physical abuse…

    I’m sorry I’m not trying to get attention, but I literally can’t tell anyone, and it’s killing me.

  5. My mom does a lot of these sadly . But worst Part is she claims she never would hurt me and never has a blames everything on me always. Verbal,shaming , neglect and physical. Im so effected by it now.

  6. Which types have I heard about? Shit I had a front row seat to some of these. Thought it was normal. Only now do I begin to think that I have been burying these memories, altering them, or justifying what was done. FML.

  7. Sexual abuse. My step dad grabs my bit and bites it. I hate it and I want to cry everyday. This caused depression and anxiety and stress, as well as trust issues. It hurts

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