"Zombie-like" Flakka Freakout With Invisible Diarrhea Psychosis

You can’t hear it on the original video recording but he’s actually screaming his damn head off in between running around on those church steps. That’s the only …


  1. Is the rush they get from those drugs they take even pleasant? They look very bothered and irritated by it, or maybe they have entered another type of dimension/sense and only see beautiful things while we who are in a correct state of mind see horror and feel sad for them haha..

  2. Very Very Sad and a little bit funny (if you consider the title). Crazy world in acids. Great VIDEO!! Congratulations!!The sound track is beautiful!! Which one is it?

  3. couple of wankers taking the piss on homeless thats not art ?check out !thats no WAY too treat a human being !2 shite bags envolopeped in there own pish ……..total SHITE BAGS how dare they

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