1. Bob let me tell you what i think . I know for sure THC kills cancer. I also know for sure that the FDA has kept this knowladge away from us while Israel makes a GMO Cannabis that can be patten. OK listen this is bigger then i first thought . Trump is incontrol and he is killing the Deep State. This means we are not under DS rule . They are about to anounce that THC cures cancer they have to . Trump is not evil enough to let them keep killing us with chemo and radatition. They are bringing the price down so they can get in real cheep to control it. Slick evil mother fuckers. Cannabis {THC} cures cancer this plant is very valuable. Bob if what im saying is true How can i prove it?? And most importantly how can we make $$$$???

  2. What a joke. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about or you’re “short “. Either way you’ll be losing subscribers. Happy Easter.

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