1. My 62 year old room mate, who is impulsive and doesn't have good memory, was sold a dab rig that I can't recognize. It's all straight, and came with a small little cauldron that he seems to think you're supposed to put the wax in, but for the life of me I can't figure out how it's supposed to work. The people who sold it to him didn't give a name for the type of rig, they just said to go on youtube to look it up. I'm kinda pissed at their lack of knowledge and taking advantage of an old man and I need help to figure out what kind of rig he's got. I'm going to work now, but if anyone can help, but needs more information on the rig I can get it to you, just give me some time.

  2. Hey ! Great Video ! Thanx for burning Wax for Us just to see ! Also what about the Daisy Quartz or Direct Inject style Quartz nails ? I want to see how the work and get one. Thanx for your time !

  3. Thx man, this video was helpful. Since our state has just picked up on legalizing medical cannabis, I have been experimenting with these dabs, crumbles, hash, shatter and ect. ect. I really do enjoy them but have had a few questions that you answered in your video. If I could make a suggestion or throw an idea out there, how about a "how to properly smoke" video about with the above mentioned concentrates considering each one has an individual desired method or heat to be smoke at. Anyways, thank you for the knowledge and input.

  4. From my experience, and I only dab, the prices you said your business is selling those bangers you spoke about, is incredibly affordable! I’m not sure where people are coming from when they’ve commented that the prices were excessive. But in all the smoke shops or dispensaries I’ve gone to, these prices are just not heard of! I paid 40 bucks just for a basic banger that is made in the US. I’ve gone the cheap route as well trying a different bucket and the thing broke at the weld right where the stem and bucket join. A common problem with cheap, thin, made from China buckets. I was explained that basically, with quartz, you get what you pay for.
    Outstanding video, for all levels of dabbers. I enjoyed it and this is stuff I already knew about even! Keep it up bro!!

  5. my local shop sale banger for 40$ befor taxe… isnt a bit overprice? how mutch should i spend on one?
    as i never smoked dab is the banger my best option( or cheaper option) for me?

  6. I love this bangar I got that's not on here. It has a "ashtray" like heating plate with a center circle leading into a funnel with a wide opening (carb cap required), and the bangar neck on the upper part of funnel.

  7. I absolutely and truly enjoyed that video extremely informational very educational and basically answered every question that I had I did click subscribe I am also a YouTube or my name is mower outlaw it has nothing to doWith what you do but I just want to say thank you for the awesome video I appreciate it….. from one YouTuber do another

  8. A thousand thank you's for this informative video. I got a new rig with a quartz banger and had no idea how to use it properly! I was really confused about how long to heat it, how much concentrate to use, how to clean it, etc…and you had all the answers for me!

  9. Where do you live? I got my quarts trough nail for like $13 from my local smoke shop and it works perfectly. I’ve had it for around 6 months and there’s no sign of deterioration. Those prices are wack haha

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