1. all those social media thirsty fuck boys sent their stuff to Phylos for their own hubris and useless fame to a genre of idiots and johnny come lately's.

  2. What about the 50k SNP's that are NOT available to the public that are NOT the galaxy. That's the main thing I have seen phylos shy away from answering thus far.

  3. Oh so now we are boycotting any company that makes money from the sale of roundup? Adam should do a show explaining how farming GMO & round-up has reduced societal pesticide use since it was introduced in the 1990s. Same as the old boss? Not quite

  4. Look at pros of it, NOBODY will make the same weed, kick you in the butt!! So people have NO fear, your stuff is just yours!! If take the fear out, and NOT worried about the MONEY, then its good!!

  5. 1:08:30. “We’re not in competition with any breeders” WTF So they cancelled their breeding project? That’s the only way they don’t compete- by definition… The spokesperson had no relevant answers. All BS- “People are scared of us because we’re a science company”

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