My first time trying CBD!!! ONE BITE BIC MAC CHALLENGE?! #RainaisCrazy

Check out link for CBD: Calm by Wellness Co. Link to Calm By Wellness CBD Gummies …


  1. I think it was just you thinking to much. Because you cannot get high with CBD. I have been using CBD for like 4 months and different one brands and it always takes like 30 min for pain to go away. Xoxo 😘

  2. I remember back in the day when Big Macs were half the price, and twice the size. That's one reason why I don't eat there anymore, unless I have a bogo coupon.

    You should try the Big King XL from Burger King. Its delicious, and, it puts the Big Mac to shame.

  3. "Oh big Mac to her chest" dahahaha. My God ,you children are annoying. I'm sure you all ride the short bus to school,sniff glue. No one thinks you're funny so just stop. You are the reason your feet stink and your momma doesn't like you. She's not just a set of tits you morons.

  4. CBD gummies are the bomb. You will not get high it does help with pain. It takes 30 minutes to kick in. I am a RN and I would recommend this to anyone who has anxiety issues and pain. I give it to my dog because when he was young someone broke his back right leg and never took him to the veterinarian I love him so much I can't understand why the people who we got him from didn't take him to the vet that makes me sick but it helps him when we go for a walk.

  5. Omg lmao you are crazy but hey it fit in your mouth lmao 😂
    And yea the CBD won’t get you high BUT it will relax you but it’s different for everyone so everyone saying oh it won’t do this or that shouldn’t be speaking for everyone lol JUST SAYING 💜

  6. I dont mean to be rude and this ia purely a compliment and only in a plutonic sence… have amaaaazing cleavage Raina. Your the sexiest competitive eater ever. Love you girl!!

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