1. Just had to hear yor voice lol but really any news on yor appeal or when you able to get outta timeout? Congrats on going fully legal to my Canadian peeps . Much luv and 🤞 for a swift return. Bullies 😏🌱♻️✌️💕

  2. High Rex. Good to see ya back my dude. I miss ya bud. One thing tho… that vivosun fan is not one I would recommend. Mine was a 6 in unit and its dead after one season. The bearings fail and it makes loud noises. Never had that issue with Hyper Fan. Keep it green homey!

  3. So happy to see you on YouTube again. This Chanel has been my favorite part of the day for some time. When it was absent I felt a void in my day it was depressing not even able to watch older vids. I feel like I got my Buddy back 😀

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