Michael Colyar Says He Doesn't See the Signs of Crack Addiction in Katt Williams (Part 5)

Watch Part 4: Part 1: ——————– In this clip, Michael Colyar spoke about Katt Williams and their cordial friendship.


  1. If he is on Crack that's his Business you understand. This is exactly how rumors get spreaded. I like Vlad show because he have some great guess I haven't heard from in a min, but sometimes it seems as if Vlad going to far or trying to dig too deep.

  2. This interview show's you just how Vlad is a low piece of shit for putting this great brother in difficult situation and he swerved his has salute to him and katt he tried to ruin there character

  3. Vlad who told your Bitch ass that shit since you brought iiit up, want you go ask Katt Williams personally mf instead of being a hoe in asking another man! That’s some bitch shit

  4. Ok so since you are not going to give me any dirt on Katt, lets quickly shift the conversation to the last time you smoked crack. What kind of transition was that?

  5. Vlad I disagree Kevin is a star with or without Katt being on the scene! That man got where he is because he worked his ass off! It's not about Katt, period! Why cant ppl live and let live, everybody likes to compare, it's enough room for everybody to eat

  6. “I wouldn’t point a finger if i did cause, Ian that nigga”
    Vlad changed the subject quick. That’s when he realized a black man wasn’t gone talk shit about another black man”

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