Massacres and Marijuana: Vietnam and the Drug War

In Vietnam, many soldiers found narcotics to be a coping agent against the horrors of war. Narcotics also became an easy scapegoat for a government looking to …


  1. I am a Vietnam vet. Your research is excellent.  I watched some of the men in my night ambush patrol unit slowly turn their brains to jelly.  Their behavior changed.  I believe your research suggests one of the contributing factors, as to why some buddies — a few  — slowly went nuts. The heroin and the quality of what they were using could vary wildly over time.We were a frontline unit. We rarely saw a major base. Our patrols operated in the jungle day and night for 5 to 9 days at a  time. Patrolling during the day, setting up an ambush position through the night.   Ironically, we felt safer in the bush, than at a major base.  Major bases near us were well known targets of incoming rockets.  Tay Ninh City was nick named "rocket city."In the bush the enemy did not know where we were.  We rarely got incoming on our patrols.Yet in our remote positions, there was plenty of pot or heroin available. Not all men smoked pot. There was a considerable number of men who only drank alcohol — the juicers.Yes the pot heads —  called the" heads" — tended to be more peaceful. The "juicers"  tended to get into more fist fights. I always felt that for  pot or heroin to be so abundantly available it had to be approved at the highest levels of our military command. It was far more difficult to get a chocolate bar.Speculation only, perhaps those in command who approved at the highest level — or turned an astoundingly blind eye — were also profiting in some way??

  2. Men who got addicted in Nam also were shot and killed.Pot was not the problem,it was what was mixed with it.Heroin dipped cigs were a major problem

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