Live Q+A: Ex Vegans, Being Plant-based w/ Friends + Fam, Lifting Weights, New Parents, Summer Plans

Come hang with us for a Q+A! We will also be talking about ex-vegans and what our thoughts are. Life update as new parents, how to go plant-based for your …


  1. ? I consider myself to be vegan i always have eatin very clean i wont lie once a month i treat myself to garlic cheese fries or some cottage cheese but only once a month if that but the prblm that for some unknown reason to me is all of a sudden ive been craving potatoe chips and its not going away..its very confusing to me but what do u eat if you crave some crunchy saltiness..i love celery eat it everyday so i dont know what else…thanks.

  2. You guys have some of the only live Q&A’s that I’m sad when they’re over! Love your channel- love that you’re Christian, from the Midwest and vegan just like our fam😉

  3. Love you guys….love your channel….
    REGARDING THE DIABETES ISSUE….I am 71 years old….Last July I decided to do a Whole Food Plant Based way of life to see if what I'd been learning was true.I am diabetic,have high Blood Pressure,celiac,nephropathy, I heard the news from Cyrus & Robbie about Saturated Fat clogging insulin receptors and thereby creating insulin resistance so I changed my diet, eliminating meat,dairy,oils, sugar, most salt,flour items –
    My new diet is a variation of the following:
    BREAKFAST-Smoothie-including 1/2 banana,blueberries,greens,chia,walnuts,sun seeds,pumpkin seeds,turmeric,cinnamon,apple,beet,dandelion greens,plain hemp seed only protein,spices.
    LUNCH: bean,4-5 vegetable soup with Miso & sometimes quinoa or other grains.
    SUPPER: No oil Stir Fry: 6+ vegetables with beans,grains,tofu,tempeh,natto,sometimes grains etc.
    Snack….nuts & seeds,fruit,etc,
    Now in the beginning there was a bit (actually quite a bit) of binging….My taste buds were missing flavors….I got free yogurt from local food pantry, nachos, etc. and binge ,but I'd eat well for 2-3 weeks then binge….then go back to sanity!The binging is almost non existent now.(but it still happens)Idiscovered that I am however, a food addict, and the new rule is " If it's in the house, it's in my mouth" so very little to no contraband allowed in these days.
    i also walk about 1+ hours a day 4-5 days a week and 30-45 min the others.(which I love to do, especially at my age!)
    RESULT (ongoing)-Off of insulin completely (was taking 35 units 2X/day) Out of obesity (so far lost 46 lbs. since July)cutting Blood Pressure meds by half and soon some more…My BP is Average 130 75-60
    .Oh yeah..I didn't lose weight until I cut out the oils & dairy….even with lots of walking too.

    I just wanna say IT CAN BE DONE AT ANY AGE …I'm not even a year into this change!
    I'm soooo grateful for whatever redemption that I get ! (and I want more)!
    Oh yeah my taste buds took almost 2 months to adjust….Now simple foods are a freakin' Rainbow in my mouth!

    Here's something I read years ago that i use often on this journey…"One who always seeks a special taste will oft times be disappointed…But one who tastes the taste that is will always be rewarded"…

    Thanks for your Special Is-ness !!!

    Veggie -ho!!!!!….I'm goin' out and get some Oxy from the trees & plants and give 'em back some grateful CO2….Yeah….Exuberant exhalation!!!
    It's a KOKO life !! (Keep On Keepin' ON")

  4. Thank you for taking your time to answer questions! Will you please post your stew recipe? Please keep the recipes coming! Would love to know what 3-5 smoothies, 3-5 salads and 3-5 soups/stews y'all would start with if you were transitioning into a plant-based diet. Also, Erin are you following a specific workout program for weights and cardio? If so, would love to know 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. Also, Genesis. God gives Adam and Eve a list of what they can eat that doesn't include animals. Also, the fact that animals are God's creatures too, we shouldn't harm them but love them and respect them.

  6. In the Bible it references that we aren't to judge anyone based on what they eat. This is from the new testament. Whatever God convicts a person to eat is what he convicts them to eat. Whether we eat plant based or someone eats meat

  7. I would love to be your assistant I had a writing minor in college. I found you guys on YouTube just a few days ago, but you're absolutely adorable. I'm converting to veganism now. I'm obsessed with holistic remedies and nutrition. I would love to help you. I was just creating a virtual assistant website last night. I'm still editing it now, but if you need an assistant let me know I have a BA I'm an MA student now. Also I have ten years of customer service feel free to respond and I will send you my email to talk further.

  8. I couldn't join you guys for the live (I'm in Europe and it was late night) but it was really interesting to watch it anyway! Hope you will do the Instagram live as well. Also, your stew looks amazing! Do you have any advices to eat more legumes without having belly discomfort and constipation? Do you cook lentils for long time in the stew or soak them before? Big hugs!

  9. Thank you Dustin, Erin, Max, (and sweet Bo), you are an inspiration and a wonderful motivation for so many of us! We are also a vegan family (this is our new blog and my husband and I would like to sign up for one of your coaching sessions. Do you have time for those with little Max and everything? Sending you love and good vibes ❤️ PS And if you ever want to travel to Santorini, Greece, you shall be our guests, (check out our residence at THANK YOU 🙏

  10. I missed the stream. What about that warning label on the Dulse seaweed that says it contains heavy metal that cause cancer, reproductive harm, and birth defects? I've seen this label on numerous brands/types of seaweed, a bag of Navitas Goji Berries, and Navitas Cacao Nibs. I really liked Dulse when I bought it but I didn't see the warning label until later, and it has alot of good nutrients. But is it really safe to eat?

    WELL GUYS , THANK YOU FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL CHANNEL! I love that you are here in Nebraska! Yes! We need to make the VEGAN community grow! Peace out 👍❤

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