1. I really don't know what to say. My heart breaks for you and tears are rolling down my face as I right this. My daughter just went in the hospital this morning. Not for cancer, but she is dealing with her own problems and she is only 13. I'm sitting here thinking how bad life sucks right now and you have reminded me just how precious and fleeting it is. Cherish those kids.

  2. Hey buddy I just stumbled upon your channel and what an incredibly sad thing to hear about, but you show incredible strength and I'm sure your wife would be so proud of you for what you did for her and what you continue to do for your family. I can't really afford to help you financially but I feel really sorry that you've been put in the position that you have to ask for help from the community and commend you on being able to ask for help because I'm terrible at that and would find that extremely hard to do. Love to your family from New Zealand.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss man! 🙁 dunno if its inapropriate here to ask but as a smoker, have you considered using the rick simpson oil/method to ease the pain? Just heard about it want to help my dad even if it means jail here. I wish you the best! Stay strong!

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