We Blades of Grass Lawn Care edge our lawns with a blade edger to get a crisp professional look that our customers expect. Yes, I’ve used a string trimmer to …


  1. Right you edge it with metal and get the crease on the edge and tune it up with string every time you don t have to edge with a blade every time
    The way to use a string trimmer is lefty
    Switch hands throttle on the left walk forward
    Although this would be easier to teach because you don't have to adjust the angle
    It takes years to weed wack well and most guys who think they can
    Follow the lawn ' not the crease and trench the edge too wide.
    Another bad habit i see all the time is angle towards the grass that causes the edge to widen as well .

  2. He right it easier to teach a new guy with that but to teach the string is more skillful.

    I’m a pro with that string and I teach my new people the string but he right I teach them on yards I know that don’t care

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