Jhené Aiko Admits To Her Deadly Addiction | Is She The Next Amy Winehouse?

Jhené Aiko is happy to be alive and rightfully so, the young singer comes out about her addiction to pills and how it almost cost her, her life.


  1. When you're an emotionally sensitive person it's not just to offenses…everything seems more intense..love, pain…stress, happiness and despair. Addiction is an easy way to escape…but it's a trap. She spoke about her drug and alcohol misuse on the track 'Nobody' on the 'Trip' album. Hope she's doing better. Life is hard…sending positive vibes.

  2. She’s battling a Big Sean addiction; self medicating with pills. I have an ex addiction and self medicating with weed&Hennessy. Us women need Dr. Feel Good as the late great Aretha Franklin says.

  3. I don't know why people tattoo a boyfriend's/girlfriend's name/face on their body. It's the worst thing one can do.

    A pill addiction? I'm glad she reached out to her family for help. They don't need to lose another family member (her brother died of cancer).

  4. Im truly sympathetic to her situation. I love her angellic voice and chill music💟. But she is very emo and dark and sufferes for manys reasons so im not entirely surprised. Jhene is a true talent and appears to be a wonderful loving mother. I hope she overcomes this.

  5. Can you clarify if she had a recent relapse because when her Trip album was released she was saying she had been sober for a year. I also find it hard to believe no one in her family knew she had a serious problem, especially as close as they seem to be. If you listen to Trip album, she's talking about doing shrooms, popping pills, LSD, sativa etc. Hell, some of the song titles are drug/pill related. I know she fell in a deep depression when her brother Miyagi passed from brain cancer that led to all of that. Her father may be able to get her the necessary medical help, he's a doctor. I hope she gets better soon.

  6. I am sorry to hear this, I hope and pray that she get the help that she need, Remember we all gotta put the lord first and then everything will be alright in place, She also have her daughter that she gotta take care.May the lord help her through all of this amen🙏🙏🙏 Take Care and always pray.

  7. Her song Nobody on her album trip tells her story of the things she went through and how she popped pills to handle things it's a very sad song but really good to listen to one of my favorites on that album

  8. Who ain’t addicted to something I’m addicted too they might be mild pills but a addiction is addiction! Cigarette, weed, crake, coke, alcohol, sex food. All is a sin so don’t knock the next person.

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