Interracial Love, Deleting Twitter and (Special Guest: Quinta Brunson)

Steelo and Chris sit down with Quinta over some Rosé. They talk love, God, and Twitter. Technical Director/fact speaker: John Ros @johnros93 SUBSCRIBE TO …


  1. Best episode! When Steelo said he didn’t believe that people chose to be gay, and “who would choose to add that oppression on top of being black” he hit the nail on the head!! I been saying this forever, why would I CHOOSE to be gay when I know it says in the Bible it’s wrong. I heard stories about people getting kicked out of their homes, disowned by their families. Why would I choose that? Instead I tried to fight it. Did what I was supposed to do. Dated a girl in high school. Miserable! Until I decided to be real with myself. But there’s so many people afraid to be real because they don’t have a supporting family or they’ve only been shown homophobia. It’s so many people out here on the DL struggling. I will say, I don’t think any gay man should date a woman and sleep with men behind her back. When I made that choice to be real, i completely stopped dealing with girls and only guys. But if you were like me, it’s terrifying. Noooobody wants that burden. I knew I was gay in 4th grade and not a single person knew for 7 years.

  2. Super weird…. however, am I the only one who strangely found Steelo super sexy the first 3 seconds of this video? It’s something about the way he looks at quinta and holds the phone. Lmao

  3. Let me just say…I was super skeptical of this podcast…this is my third time watching and I must say I am a FAN! I struggled initially with the interracial relationship aspect of Steelo (I know, I know! I guess I have not reached a level of maturity or acceptance of it and as a black woman I was EXTREMELY bothered) but this episode definitely provided a teachable moment. I feel like I’ve gotten to know Steelo (and I may have a slight crush on him now lol) and it’s not that he’s unaware of the stigma or the reasoning behind the taboo-ness of interracial dating in the black community, on the contrary, he’s totally aware of it but chose to focus on love and finding a connection that might not come wrapped up in a beautiful black queen! The first time I watched I was like blah this shit is mad white washed and I’m over it lol then I found myself laughing and agreeing with some of the content (definitely took me back to my pothead days in college) …the next time I watched I was like well this is cool but I’d love it if they had a black girl on here. And then today, BAM! the universe blessed me with this episode. I don’t have social media (YouTube is my social media) so I was not familiar with Quinta but she just became a friend in my head! I’d LOVE to see more of her on this podcast!  I really appreciate this episode as it was extremely authentic and relevant.

  4. 1. This intelligent/hilarious conversation about Religion, Homophobia & Blackness is amazing. Y’all are really good at voicing your experiences without disrespecting one another.

    2. Can y’all add Quinta as a permanent host ?

  5. I’m so glad Quinta said that about smoking! I always felt weird when I told people and they would tell me to try different kinds blah blah blah. Glad to know I’m not the only one and can be an advocate for it still

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