1. wow.. I can never fail to comment when I see the only international artist that UG has.. kenzo, u, bobi and dr jose inspire a lot of people. I fellow in in love with the way the host has to introduce u putting respect on yo name of which thing u deserve cuz u have done an incredible work the Ugandans and Uganda at large. I know some big artists are jealous of achievements cuz they believe that what u achieved would be their with their bubble gum music that cant cross boarder but only played in Uganda but call themselves international I don't know whether they understand the word international. I remember when u had just come they called u a dancer to bring u down and to subjugate u but u dogged on yo dream and I really liked the fact that when u made 10yrs they were the ones who called u to book for a table. They say that respect people who are jealous of u cuz those r people who think that u r better than them. u were born to concur , may God protect u, bless u, favor, and go get it man, the sky is always the limit. God bless u.

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