How quitting smoking will change my life

join me as I take a new journey on quitting smoking cigarettes. I ask that anyone seeking to have a support system together to join me and quit now. Our health …


  1. Glad you decided to stop smoking I want you we all want you to be around for a very very long time this goes to show you how much you care about your own life as well love you sweetheart from you know who your number one fan

  2. Straight up the weirdest ad was on before your vid 😂 I've never been a smoker but my Husband quit 15 years ago. What's your dream camera? I need to read more. I do read my bible every night but would love to make time for books.

  3. You got this!! Smoking I know takes a toll, I've never done it but my mom literally has longer than I have been alive! I know it's hard but you'll overcome all these obstacles! What doesn't Amazon have lol

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing how your new additions help increase the quality on your videos. And I wish you strength on quitting smoking. It's definitely not an easy task but it is well within your capabilities!

  5. Updating the phone and adding the attachments will help with the quality of the vids. Congrats on using my favorite store… AMAZON 😜
    I wish you well on your quitting smoking journey. It sounds as if you really want to stop this time around. I’m sending successful prayers your way.

  6. WELCOME BACK 😀 ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿Amazon! Yay for new phone and new stuff for YouTube vids! Don’t be ashamed of the selfie stick.. there awesome! You are so right…this world is a dark place we need to help each other stay grounded! My husband is trying to quit smoking now trying to be an encouragement to him. 😂 strawberry milk! Praying you stay strong! Honestly before the beginning of the month I didn’t read. I pushed myself to read 30 Days to Understanding the Bible and I’m glad I did. It’s made me realize how beneficial reading is. I will def check out this book. Thanks

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