HEROIN- PART 1 #Drugs #Jail #Prison

In this video i discuss in detail the events that led me to heroin addiction. I also speak on things that caused my addiction to worsen and the pain that was caused …


  1. Thanks for sharing your story man , I'm from the UK I'm currently working hard on sorting myself. Good you are in better place, from what I see and have great sense humour ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh shit u from wilmington bro? Same here man, opiates fucked up damn near everyones life here im still strugglin with opana addiction..from the suburbs right near concord high. Cool story bro u inspire me

  3. You are very good at telling stories. I know all this was definitely not funny when it was happening, but I found myself cracking up at some points in pt. 1 and pt. 2. You really know how to engage people in your stories and I would love to hear more.

    I don't even know how I came across your channel, but I'm glad I did. I was really trying to just kill time as that sickness started creeping up on me.. you know the one. You definitely helped me kill some time without having it on my mind the whole time, but I also found your story very inspiring; I hope to reach this place in life too.

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