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These are some key herbs I use to boost testosterone, libido, muscle mass and energy. Let’s get these gains in! ↝ Check out the Herbs I drink for Strength …


  1. Is it ok to take Ashwaganda and Maca at the same regimen? Also Saw Palmetto? I was recommended although they seem to all the same thing on the bottles – that they enhance energy and libido.

  2. Hey, this makes total sense, awesome stuff. You may be able to accelerate the process and boost your T levels by 42%-60% within weeks, as long as you carefully read and apply what's suggested in Brett Bindeoni's website.

  3. Ashwaganda makes me horny as hell; almost overnight. Any ideas on how to have the benefits for the body without the side effects? I am vegetarian and meditating since 1991 and note that soy might be detrimental in the long run. So more powerful thoughts is the goal, not bed-performance.

  4. I bought and made a cheap mix in bulk from organic vendors off ebay. With ashgawanda, tuli/holy basil, maca , moringa, ginko biloba, rhodioala. six month supply for about 60 bucks lol about the amount you pay for a month supply bottles. Stop waisting your money on bottles or expensive mixed containers buy the individual powders make your own dont let these companies capitalize on you or your loved ones

  5. Good to hear you know about Napoleon Hill, can you give us some more information on the quantity you take of each of these? I bought ashwagandha but dont know how much is safe

  6. I remember you put me onto Maca awhile back and I still think it's nasty! BUT! Mix that with some coconut water and all is noice from there haha! Will check for the others in the vid! Great vid very informative!

  7. It's been almost 20 days that I have been taking the ProlargentSize supplement and do not feel lack of energy anymore or workouts being less effective, actually I am more energized, motivated and feel excellent in the gym and able to do more number of reps. It's more effective when its combined with regular fitness program. I do have sex better now.

  8. Yes, another classic, thank you for sharing this information good brother. I've been searching in the states for these herbs after watching your herbs for muscling building video. Stay blessed brother, love.

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