1. Hey Nick better see Dr Grundy bone broth on U tube
    I believe his take, collagen doesn’t target your joints, broken down amino acids do. No peer review articles on benefits
    Nothing but anecdotal stuff. Collagen very hard to digest

  2. When we make it ourselves…Are you supposed to skim the fat off the top or drink it with the broth? When it becomes gelatinous, does it thin when reheating? Or do you “eat” the gel? I’m new to all this, please help

  3. Can you provide any scientific double blind studies that are not funded by bone broth companies to back up any of the claims you make because until then this truly sounds like another snake oil product to me?

  4. I made my first batch a couple of days ago which resulted in a beautiful gelatinous broth. I made my second round yesterday and no gelatin! The only difference is I actually roasted my bones this round but I did use about almost 1 pound less of bones…with the same amount of water. Could the less amount of bones have been the issue? Also, even if it’s not gelatinous, is it still healthy and full of nutrients? Thank you, Lola.

  5. why is the cooking so long? Can someone actually leave something on the stove to cook for 24hrs? At what level do we cook it on? high, medium , low, simmer?
    Thank you

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