Gorilla glue #4 and others *my first grow *

people talking shit in comments but anyway heres a vid of some mislabeled weed on youtube stay tuned for more sub and like yada yada peace.


  1. Thats no true true gg #4 thats pheno of it true gg#4 has weird genetics red stalks and the leaves twist for no reason true gg#4 is only a vlone but that beins said the gg#4 coming from seeds are still proper

  2. They look like ain't getting the right heat to take the feed as the pale green leafs is an indication of cold and if the plant is too cold it ain't going to take the feed

  3. That should be legal in all 50 ! To grow trade and sell. No restrictions, free market rules. Then all Mary would be a lot Lot cheaper ! The government disp are a rip off ! Not to mention needing permits, license, scripts all bullshit !!!? Would there still be crime ? Yes. Would there be less drug related crime ? Yes.

  4. Let the one that's not growing go without water until it just starts to droop than water it only for a few weeks about 3 days apart. Looks like you have some root rot from over watering and to much nutrients. So let it dry and bring it back to life. That should help if it's not already to late for her

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