Enfield police find zombie knives and a cannabis factory

There were 732 police recorded homicides – which includes murders and manslaughter cases – in England and Wales last year, the highest since 2008 and the …


  1. Who do they think they are kidding they knew what that house was been used for hadn't got time for a search warrant or one wasn't going to be granted so they just happened to be walking down a alley way found a knife in a box beside the bin then looked on to the roof of a garage just for nosey found another knife everyone looks on top of roofs of garages these days then they found a garage door ajar happend to look inside it and found dope there alot of doors been ajar here then they found a door in the garage ajar leading to a garden then in the garden they see a back door of house with the door ajar is it just me or do I smell lies or something staged someone growing alot of moneys worth of drugs alot of time and effort put in and they are leaving doors ajar and hiding knifes on roofs of garage yea right pink pigs will be flying next

  2. Well done. Am surprised one of the knives was handled without gloves though? The impact drugs, weapons and violence is having is seriously infecting and impacting upon society. Police, and all those tackling these things need all help and support, respect possible.

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