1. I hate police corruption, profiling, and harassment of innocent people or victimless incidents. But I am starting to hate even worse the people who call in fake reports on themselves for the purposes of lawsuits, and these videos and then walk around cameras ready hoping for the worst. At least these cops figured out the scam fast, did their job and left. The real incidences by bad cops is bad enough without this fake stuff. Videos such as this are very disturbing and very disrespectful to real victims of police brutality and harassment and makes it much harder to prosecute real injustices. Walking around at night with a gas can and cell phone rolling, not everyone is stupid. Yes anyone can make a phone call and say anything including the guy in this video who was waiting for them to show up. Hope this educates some people.

  2. The initial cop was not courteous in his approach. No politeness. But glad to see they did not demand ID. They checked for the weapon-in-question. They saw there was no weapon. They left. That was good! Kudos to them for knowing the limits of their authority! (But the first guy was a rude dude.)

  3. More reasons not to feel guilt, as you watch an injured officer bleed out on the street, instead of calling for medical aid. You badged Nazis have done this to yourselves!

  4. i see you have a gas can, did you run out of gas? He is gonna be one fucking hell of a detective if he ever grows up. FOIA the 911 calls, I bet no such call ever came through.

  5. Heavy. “It’s clear none of you live here.”And here is where the disconnect begins and ends. If you don’t live where you police you can’t work there. This is how to end police brutality. You see it’s easy to brutalize a stranger you’ve been taught to fear. But your neighbor, nope your not going to harass or brutalize them.

  6. Pink Camera Magic – this is one of those instances I would LOVE to get dispatch audio and computer records to see just how much bullshit came out of the officers mouth and then find the nastiest attorney to make command staff retire early…

  7. If this was Illinois, the Officers would have a problem with US v. Deberry. An anonymous complaint doesn't justify a Terry Frisk under that District court ruling. I didn't catch what state this was in.

  8. Not wavin the flag for the thin blue line but at least dude didn't go into his pockets. I know that's a small thing but this could sure as hell went a lot more wrong than it did :-/

  9. I have no idea who the guy is that they stopped, but I think he has an awesome voice and should probably narrate audio books or movies. Something of that sort. I’m glad he stayed safe

  10. Just another group of racist oath breaking scumbags nothing new here!! I bet these Three scumbags go home and tell their families their crimefighters ha ha Ha ha ha yeah right

  11. Police can only perform a Terry frisk without consent if they have reasonable articulable suspicion to believe they are in possession of a weapon, which may possibly apply to this scenario if there really had been a call with his description given, but the notation said it as if they can just do it any time, it hadn't specified the suspicion of a weapon part, just that they could do it, and it is called a Terry frisk. That RAS to suspect a weapon is the most crucial part however because that is the difference between a minimum of at least $20k lawsuit, or them being within their authority to do so. Personally I would have foia requested the dispatch logs to see if any such calls were made, or if a description matching me was made, and if neither of those things were true, I would have collected on this easy payday, because judging by the stumbles and stutters of that poorly invented on the spot description, the pigs demeanor tells me that no such thing happened, and there was either no call, or at least no matching description. I'd actually be willing to bet on it that this was something else entirely, and the pigs are just so used to being able to molest blacks to see if they get lucky without any repercussions, or follow up.

  12. I think some ppl in U.S. just say he or she has a GUN in the 9-1-1 call , because Police respond to those type of Calls quicker , therefore saying it in Call the person knows they'll be there fast

  13. Cop had to study the man to make sure his made up description matched what he had on. They did the Terry search and found no gun, so how could he shoot in the air? But had to get a few more questions about a gun in there before letting go of it. Loved how he deflected the fishing questions.

  14. Racial profiling at its finest, dumbass pigs. That one pig had right to pat him down or search him, or how ever that pig wanted to twist it 4th Amendment violation of this mans rights.

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