1. I smoke and noticed a difference in a year of stiga strain the one now is lavender and a orange drink or the fruit and now watching ur video i know now that i have the ADHD and will be going to get tested and then cbd THE END

  2. ADHD, I smoke, I exercise, I clean my house, then paint something. It's the flood of dopamine in my brain, which lacks the NT number of dopamine receptors, compensating for the deficiency. Fabulous except for the SOUL CRUSHING GUILT that comes with the focus. Would really love to grill a professional on this stuff to come up with a customized solution, hopefully to mitigate the negative side effects. My ADHD meds are 400$ a month, this would be so much cheaper.

  3. I take (1) 30 mg Adderall XL,, (2) 150mg XL Wellbutrin, and 1 and one half 20 mg. Celexa every morning & 2 mg. Ativan, usually use it for sleep. Could CBD Oil possibly replace these medicines.
    Love your youtube, thanks so much. Angela

  4. I feel like im the worst case of ADHD. I work security at a plant & call center. Im responsible for computer dialogue, working with cameras, people and thier badges. Also alarms dealing with sentive equpiment. i constantly make mistakes due to error of communication and im bad with people, when im the life of the party with my family. Im gonna try CBD and if this doesn't work, i may have to pick a career in labor.

  5. i have gone for the golden oil from Hemp oils uk 10ml for 2000mg just bought it for my ADHD AND PAIN ON MY FEET FOR RUNNING AND MY depression. SEE IF IT WORKS. I THINK I AM GOING FOR THIS ONE

  6. Taking a baby dab helps me focus on school work. Its all about dosing the thc right because you can easily overdose and then become lazy or too scared to do anything. Too many times have i been tempted to take decent rips so to remedy this use a thc cartridge instead, take a couple deep hits then swap to a cbd cartridge and puff away.

  7. I have a little brother who's suffered from severe ADHD since he was 10, he's 14 now, CBD definitely calmed him down and helped him concentrate. It was awesome to watch him transition and grow into this mini adult haha. Go CBD!

  8. I have a mean case of ADHD. My experience with smoking weed (not cbd exclusive strains) has been pretty strange. I notice when I smoke, whether it be indica or sativa, I get a burst of energy in the beginning and then slowly come down to the more relaxed state. I would smoke weed before college classes and be ok. But this next semester I am going bring a CBD pen to school and see if I feel any calmer. I’ll leave my experience on a comment. ( Classes start up nxt month ! )

  9. I used to use a heavy India strain for falling asleep. One problem a lot of people have when they have ADD or ADHD is being able to rest enough to fall asleep. So using cannabis 3-4 times a week and a plant based diet made it possible to be a productive human being at work since I was able to fall asleep at the right time, so I would get up at the right time (so I wouldn’t be late) and get enough sleep. When I moved back to my home country I noticed an immediate negative effect of not having cannabis as a tool so I could be productive

  10. When I've smoked cannabis in the past it's helped me to relax and concentrate. Everything slows down for me and my brain isn't rushing about. I was wondering if CBD oil would do the same thing just without the high. I just don't know where to start, what I'm looking to buy or what dosage or brand.

  11. I recently found cbd in cartridge form from Canna Trading co. I've had great success limiting anxiety related to performing any specific action and have an easier time focusing during work sessions. It's very easy to take too much but thankfully I don't seem to have any lethargy or spaceyness unless I take waay too much. Will have to work on that but the product itself seems to work very well for me. It isn't a strong effect like Adderall which I was prescribed for a long time. It's much more subtle and I don't have to worry about my heart going a hundred miles an hour.

  12. My 4 year old is ADHD and we tried CBD Charlotte's Web for 3 months with no success. In fact it seemed to intensify hyperactivity. I joined a group on fb that is CBD and ADHD kids and I have yet to meet a parent that has yet to have success with cbd oil with their child with ADHD. If someone has success please share your story.

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