I was catching up on my reading on and I stumbled upon an article stating that LAX has now allowed cannabis to be carried on board. I was absolutely …


  1. This is awesome. I wonder if Greyhound is pretty chill with it too. I want to take a bus trip to Denver (from Los Angeles) and go bar hopping because when I passed through there on route to visit family in Michigan, I saw all these really cool bars right near the Denver Greyhound station.

  2. I dont think you can travel to other states that's not legal, that wouldn't make sense. I mean don't get me wrong it would be dope asf but I highly doubt you can take weed to other states that's illegal.

  3. saw that shit. I told my girl today the same shit man. I really like how the legal states are going with marijuana. It helps push legislation against states like mine where its only medical use or just illegal.

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