1. This comment might be to late….lol, but to whoever is new watching this Video, Grey Pneumatic makes this special socket for caging brakes, I've had one for years, its just an extra long 3/4 socket in 1/2 drive…

  2. On a 30/30 long stroke it is hard to cage the bolt because it further sunk in the can. Also on a 30/30 short or long. Cut the rod at 4.25 inches. But you have to measure the rod length while the rod is fully extended.Then after you cut the rod to the proper length. Put the clevis on. Then install the cage bolt.

  3. Do you have to have the old brake chamber set up a certain way to make your measurement to cut the new rod? for example, do I need to check measurement before I back off the slack adjuster and or cage the chamber to remove the drum if i'm changing drums and shoes along with new chambers

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