Orchid Essentials is definitely the one of the best if not the best cartridges I’ve ever tried! They hit like champs and the 15% terpenes? AMAZING! Check them out!


  1. Haha everytime someome hits your cart or pen for a long time u say "dang hes taking a big hit" u can tell u lowkey are thinking "why tf is he hittting my cart so long, hes gunna fucking burn it… He doesnt even need that big of a hit" lmao let people smoke how they want bro. Haha

  2. Ehhhh i feel like if u tried them again u would drop them out of your top spot. They use non cannabis derived terps. I asked them on IG. They use cannabis derived terps too but they mix it with "natural terps isolated by our in house scientist"

  3. 15% terps is unsafe for human cosumption and bho can turn the coils black similar too how a bho dab turns a nail black when the butane burns off and leaves carbon so id imagine youre bouta die from one of those lol

  4. Yeah the terpenes I purchased that and added to my oil when I make it it actually improves the flavor a lot definitely but you feel the difference with the turpins man no shit like You video didn't remember the mustache though I thought you had a caterpillar on your lip he he he

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