1. its a shame to say the least you worry about dirrty fingers just because of the mere judgement online well dude those dirty fingers are teaching me something so fuck it dont worry about those things you should see my videos i simply dont care who thinks what this is your channel if folks dont like derty fingurs tellem go watch hand washing reviews instead of knowledge like this.

  2. I really like this video! This seems a bit tricky… I had never tried super cropping and I am nervous about it, but I just discovered one of my plants turned out to be male, so I am gonna stick it outside in the way back yard and practice on it.

  3. Tie them over about 18 24" off the ground and the limbs that would normally grow on that side will come around the plant and mix in with all the others. The side of the plant next to ground will be flat no limbs!!😎🙈🙉🙊👍👌✊✌☝👏.
    For real it works; it's the 💩 Lol

  4. I have strains that need very little attention. But I have Sour Diesel that simply must be topped and scrogged. In nature a plant might be chewed and trampled on, it might even thrive afterwards.

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