1. My plants are over 3 wks still not sure what they are I'm more concerned abwt them being bwt 6 inches tall I've cut big leaves so it starting pre flower how can i send u a pic tell me what they are an what might be up

  2. Its hilarious how many people font know shit about growing but want to be all in it now with some states decriminalizing cannabis, everybody is all about it but have no clue ! Just shows how many chicken shits there are, they were too scared before because it was illegal, scaredy cats are last in line ! Time to grow a pair and get over your "mommy said no" wimpy attitudes !

  3. Read your high times magazines and figure it out like we had to in the 80's and early 90's, well before cell phones were even thought of ! Hint: female= teardrop eith a tiny white hair protruding out, a male= looks like a tiny ace of spades shape , barely sticking up ! Great video, i should have just kept my mouth shut, watch and learn , Fuck YouTubes goody two shoes Act 👎😁👎

  4. You Do Have A Hard Time with That Cursing Don't You ? LOL But It Makes A Whole Lot Better Video!! LOL I Just Found You Again LOL
    You Are The Best To Watch To Me LOL LOL

  5. I felt really bad killing off my male plants, they were easily 2M tall, trees really(growing outside). Wondering whether itd be too risky relocating them indoors this harvest, with pollen brushing on my clothes and all.

  6. I grew 10 beautiful 4-foot male plants a few years ago.. I chucked all the females and kept the males by mistake.. boy did I feel stupid when I realized what I did.. set me back 6 months.

  7. Full hermaphrodites are risky for any kind of breeding because their offspring are going to trend full herm. Sinsemilla Fems past their prime or stressed can put out a few male flowers as insurance against no offspring. These are great for a few fem seeds. Take into account that sativas are naturally more prone to some hermaphroditism than most indicas. A good male veg father can provide cuttings that can be rooted under 12/12 in a small space in a short amount of time to provide a bit of consistent pollen for hand- pollination, as needed. "Hybrid vigor" comes from first (F1) cross of unalike strains: use a veg male sativa father and save space for female flowering indicas to favor bud space.. just pollinate a small lower branch to maximize bud crop. Some strains like White Widow can produce trichomy spicy stinky males: these are your breeders, well worth the hunt !! Just flower a little cutting while it roots to test things early rather than grow out a full plant like in this video.

  8. Anyone who doesn't know how to make your own feminized seeds, leave a comment in the reply section and I will tell you how to make your own colloidal silver spray to make your own female seeds, with out using hermie pollen or the shock method. It's also a lot cheaper to make the spray yourself, as they want like 20 to 30 dollars for 4oz. Of spray. Barely enough to do 2 plants. I am starting a channel to bring beginners to a 2nd level, before adding all the ppm and ecm problems, that can really confuse a newer grower. In the meantime, I would be glad to teach you how to do colloidal silver spray at home, cheap. The most expensive part is the silver ingot. Which u can get for 5 dollars at any coin shop. I can make you 40 oz for under 15 bucks!

  9. I haven't seen the video yet but I will tell you all straight off.. The plants will show you their sex in about 3 to 4 weeks.. you will see small white hairs in between the stems(nodes)… if you see some balls between the nodes then BAM you have male… I go through Gorilla Seed Company in London to get my seeds.. I order my seeds feminized ONLY…. that's why folks see seeds in their buds sometimes, OR THEIR WAS IMPROPRER LIGHTING during the time of the "dark" phase and if there is a crack of light to disturb the "night" phase then the plant will turn hermophadite and be all jacked up… full of seeds.

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