1. I don’t even smoke but this is just stupid. Just legalize it already for fucks sake. I just think it’s funny how alcohol is legal but weed isn’t. I mean really. It’s all about the money, always has and always will be.. it’s hypocrisy at its absolute finest right here

  2. YES!! YES!! YES!! This comes under things I LOVE to see!!!  GOOD JOB!!!  Where I live, it's STILL illegal and pot shops are strictly regulated. It can only be used with an RX and they are cracking down on Dr.'s for prescribing too much just like Opioids. And many people don't want that smell in their homes where they live.

  3. They made it seem like this marijuana plantation wasnt already theirs..Oh please who would allow someone to grow on a massive scale like this? the ones you see moving it lol

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