1. I think you know that you did some flaws, but it's ok. When you bloom coffee, you want all particles to be soaked, so it would start to utilize carbon dioxide, you can see it when bubbles come out. If you leave some particles dry for blooming time (from 30 to 45 seconds) you'll end up with uneven extraction, because some particles will only start to cause bubble after second pour and it will affect extraction causing some wicked ways of how water will go through grounded coffee.
    This coffee cup will be more underextracted which lacks delicate sweetness in it. You know that feel when your cup is acidic ok, but its more like sour than pleasant and balanced.
    You might even want try to overextract it first, so you can see the difference and start to make it less extracted until you get rid of excessive bitterness. That's where it booms. Now you should have a best cup you can possibly make.

  2. My favorite part is where you pretended to make bad coffee by using a Keurig and then proceeded to make actual bad coffee. Chemex + preground + finely ground + 180 degree water = a literal can of WD40

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