Using Ganja For Spirituality

Can weed be spiritual or is it just an excuse made up by stoners to justify their habits?! *Nothing illegal is shown in this video as adults are legally allowed to use …


  1. its the mountains medicine and its activating the hypophyse and cures a lot of diseases , tradition and ceremony plays a big role to open up the third eye …of course its a spiritual thing…its a religion …OM 😉

  2. I love weed I smoke weed everyday its medicine for me, it helps me understand vibrations as well as waking up in this matrix system understanding real hidden earth history

  3. Yo i need you guys opinion on balancing materialism/ego with spirituality. I feel like i want to improve "ego things" like my social skills, looks, my style and clothing etc but then i feel bad about it because many sources say that ultimately these things dont matter and its only what is within that truly matters. How do you balance find balance between the two and how do i know what is healthy ego and unhealthy egocentricism. Like is wanting to have a good looking body bad for example?
    Thankfull for any opinion

  4. Plant medicine is some of the most powerful ways to meditate and connect to source. Look at Ayahuasca and all of the healing it's brought/bringing to humanity.

    I just think that the pharmaceutical industries make too much $ from from the narcotics. So they try to make it illegal so we stay in a state of ignorance that they put us in. ASLEEP lethargic they caused an epidemic by introducing all these narcotics to us and take it away forcing people to self medicate. The amount of people that are dying bc of this fake "war on drugs". Its genocide, population control.
    especially in our generation. I apologize for ranting. It's that, i just lost my BEST friend last month to an OD. They are facilitating this. She was a good girl. She was depressed bc they took her kids away and all she was doing at the time was smoking bud. Thats its… They stole her babies…. plain and simple , then they wonder why she relapsed after being clean for 5 yrs. But now she's gone. Do they care? Lol fuck nooo.
    Its on us to be stronger and learn and grow from this

    Anyway, i completely agree with you Dakota , it is all about intention. It's a gift from gaia from pachamama 🙏🏽✌🏽
    Plant medicine man that's the way to wake up 🍄🍵
    Aho and on we go
    Namaste 🙏🏽🕉
    # On point as usual
    ☆ starseed ☆

  5. I've never smoked a lot of ganja because my setting and sets were horrible, 'cause every time I was with friends, out in the streets or in parties and I almost always had paranoia. But 3-4 years ago I started smoking it with two friends of mine watching movies, documentaries and I started to understand the meditative powers of that plant.The same period my spiritual path were starting and since that moment I only use weed for meditation, yoga, or watching interesting things and reflect about art, concepts, life, science, spirituality, philosophy. It is a gift from the Universe, all life beings, including us, are here for exchanging properties and become one again so using plants is a deep connection with the whole, is Yoga; using ganja for meditation is spiritual is tantric is consciousness opener. You basically open the doors of perception with them. You can do it naturally or by using them, naturally is longer but as you said once, that was the way spirituality expressed in India in that time window, LSD is another way spirituality expressed in western society during 60's for example. It's all right, ti's all good. The only thing that matter is that people awake themselves and find out that love is the only answer.

  6. Many people here are making an interesting distinction, and I'd like to ellaborate a little on where I see some interesting distinctions. I think weed has the ability to create a strong sense of self reflection, and allows the user to experience raw emotional side effects without the ability to pull conscious re-call to self validate the irrational emotional left overs from day to day conscious experience. People who smoke suddenly become aware of the emotional baggage they have, then panic when attempting to escape with memory recall. Weed and psilocybin work in the same way, only they have different methods for creating the same neuro-interconnected pathways. For instance, psilocybin will force the user to re-observe all things that enter the user's perception. Too much psilocybin creates a more intensive review, therefore can stimulate more fear, paranoia and anxiety.

    The same can be said with Marijuana. Too much can cause those underlying anxieties to arise, but conscious recall being absent (high af) forces the user to stare at their native emotional resting states. You can really change how you understand your emotions in the same way that psilocybin does, however, Marijuana creates a stronger link with the mundane and emotional nature, and psilocybin creates a more "holy" experience as the visual and auditorial perceptions are given review. So essentially, both attack the mental resting areas of the ego through a process of review, but their modes of achieving it are a bit different perceptually.

  7. Anyone know if Dakota ever did a video about salvia when he was in Mexico? I remember him saying that he was going to make one before he left for his Mexico trip.

  8. I love listening to your mind. I used to abuse weed, did it for many years. After I picked up the practice of yoga i started doing it intentionally and ceremonially to connect to the spirit. The same weed that once just helped me relax became as powerful as a potent psychedelic like lsd or mushroom after I started smoking occasionally with intention rather then habitually on auto pilot.

  9. I never had good experience with weed. I inhaled it through vaporizer several times at cannabis clinic where I volunteered for some time. The first time it came up to my head very quickly and I felt like I was going to collapse, so I had to lie down and shivers and minicramps went through my body, and I had some unpleasant feeling of panic/losing control. The other people, mostly men who took a lot more than me were chatting, laughing and having a good time. The clinic owner said my reaction was very unusual and that he had never seen anyting like that.

    When I had it second time, I took even less, the reaction was less intensive but it lasted longer (half day). It made me feel like an idiot, I was never able to finish any thought and instead started to laugh. I wondered why people enjoy feeling like idiots, or is it only me? When I was leaving the clinic, I asked the owner for some chocolates they had in the fridge. So he gave me 5 squares saying they were only with CBD, producing mild relaxation. At home I put them in the fridge and ate them first after about 8 months. I didn´t expect anything much, but it came on me very quickly and soon I was in a delirium. I didn´t know where I was or what was happening, I heard myself crying for help and running for the door, but wasn´t sure if it was me or someone else, or if it was really happening. Long story short, this horror lasted the whole day till the evening, and it seemed to have no end. It was extremely strong despite I ate only 2 squares and vomited them shortly out. It really felt like bad poisoning and I can´t even describe now how horrible it was. I couldn´t move properly or speak, and finish any thought. Or I went to the toilett and after I returned to my room I didn´t know if I was really there or what was happening.

    My mother asked me once if she could go to the bus stop to meet her sister, I wasn´t able to respond so she left. I needed help but didn´t know how anyone could help me anyway. I felt I was alone the whole day in the house but mum said she was in the neighboring room. Towards the evening she was asking me to call the man who gave it to me as if she couldn´t see that I can´t move, think or speak. Fortunately it started to wear off eventually, but even the second day I felt as if someone smashed my head with heavy hammer. When I called the man he said it was weird and that noone else had this reaction yet. I feel like my system is probably more reactive and sensitive than most people, but don´t know what it is or why am I this different.

    Conclusion – I like marijuana as a plant, but not as a drug. It´s a shit compared to ayahuasca. Ayah. makes you suffer as well at in the first phase, but in the second phase you feel sedated and blissful. Besides you have visions (which come in the first phase). Weed only makes you sick and stupid.

  10. when you said " parts of yourself you need to work on" oohhhh man, this was just the answer i didnt know for thinking some stuff while high….pffff i feel weird now.

  11. Namaskaram everyone 🙏,

    As tempting as smoking a substance may sound to reach blissfulness/enlightenment, This is only a momentary feeling and not sustainable (it's not real spirituality, it just feels this way).

    These feelings of intoxication and ecstasy can happen naturally, you just haven't experienced it yet. PLEASE KNOW ALL OF YOU CAN DO THIS. I quit weed a while back and through legitimate YOGA (not the westernized version) I have experience natural intoxication.

    There's only one known group of spiritual seekers who use marijuana in India. That is the Agori. They are very small in number and have a system of yoga that differs from many others to bring about transformation in them. They have a spiritual foundation and intention in a way you don't understand. Weed doesn't effect them in the same way it does you. The reason this is, is because they are not associated with the mind and body even before smoking up, hence the weed is an indicator of this lack of "attachment". If they truely aren't associated with their bodies and minds (the source of all suffering) while they are sober The marijuana doesn't effect them.

    Please take a look at what my Guru offers on youtube, search: Sadhguru – Isha Foundation.

    I highly recommend not placing the significance of your life in the hands of a stoner who doesn't have true control over his own life energies.

  12. I've suffered from depression, anxiety and an eating disorder for practically my entire teenage years. It's never been something I can get away from. I'm currently 20 and I've been using cannabis about once a week since the start of this year. I used to use it recreationally before, but alot more sparodically. Since being a more frequent user, it's helped me heal emotionally so much, and, alongside therapy, is aiding me in finding things to enjoy in life and find peace within myself. Smoking weed for me isn't just about getting high anymore, which although is fun, it's more about the introspection it provides that allows me to act freely without a heavy coat of negative thoughts hanging over me. It's honestly been one of the saving graces in my life and I'm so happy to have a therapist that is understanding to me using it and holds no judgement (I live where it's still criminalised). My hope is for everyone to have the ability to access this healing without fear of persecution. Spirituality isn't just about religious dogma. It's about embracing and valuing what's truly important in life, and weed can help you see that.

  13. Dakota , You should visit India , Isha foundation in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, there they have a consecrated space known as the dhyanalinga .. My cell number is +917809308418 … I hope you contact me

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