1. Less government is always a good thing. We should be fighting to have the human right to grow it ourselves. You can sit here all day saying it is mind control but what isn't? This discussion you are having on YouTube can be deemed mind control, sugar is mind control, every single thing effects your perception. I worked at a medical gone recreational dispensary for almost 3 years and marijuana really is saving people's lives. I just wish the dispensaries treated their employees better.

  2. The biggest problem you to have is you don't know nothing about the environment. Can't get your head around there's no such thing as a water shortage.the only thing they're doing is they're taking our freedom to grow hemp.this is what you don't understand I'm from the government and I'm here to help. You can't fly to the moon either. Demand your children learn how to grow a garden. Humans are trained to be stupid that's the biggest problem you have communicating. Throw all your stupid opinions out the window. Here's one there's not supposed to be deserts that's a fact. Are dumb asses have been snookered. There's no such thing as free enterprise.I'm from the government don't forget that and I'm here to help.

  3. Understand the substances you make use of. Source it properly. Use it responsibly. Don't abuse it and don't let it abuse you. I can take a micro dose of an edible then hit the gym and crush a training session (training for the "fight" as it were) for like 3 solid hours, or go for a hike or run, even doing some yard/landscape work around the house. Am I wasting my time "getting high"?
    Every time I brew and enjoy my coffee in the morning am I wasting my time taking drugs? Will anyone shitting on weed apply the same logic to their caffeine/coffee addiction? Or have a few beers or a couple glasses of wine?

  4. I suggest anyone not willing to quit weed to be picky about your weed. Seek LANDRACES- OG Purebred Strains – Organically grown. These are the most "natural" forms of cannabis. Some landrace strains are Northern Lights, Columbian Gold, Afghan Kush, and many more.

  5. my parents were sick their adult lives and never use cannabis ,i use cannabis everyday for 41 years and im never sick or ill . so please stop pushing your fucking bullshit ………….

  6. These guys know their stuff. My pops grew marijuana outdoors around the Florida Everglades back in the seventies. He always tended toward the sativa dominant strain as it was the "up" high that was sought rather than the indica sledgehammer effect. Back then the weed gave a different feeling than when the eighties started with hydroponic weed hitting the market. That stuff, even when properly done still had a taste of chemicals and the high was off-balanced compared to the stuff my pops grew. But Florida was being quickly developed and outdoor growing no longer possible. He then took to indoor growing with lights, but always grew the plants in a soil medium. He kept his three different seventies era strains going until the early 2000s. And by that later time a lot of hybrid weed designed to max THC levels was now available. This later weed left me feeling odd and unsettled at times or just totally lethargic. But I can tell you nothing beat the quality of the high of those earlier weed strains as when you just smoked a little it gave you some up and go. You actually wanted to get out and do shit when high on this weed and not sit on the couch and melt into the cushions for hours. One day, I simply did not like the feeling of getting high and stopped. After several years of smoking weed, I actually recommend people avoid it and all drugs, even alcohol. A sober mind is best, in my opinion…and that is the best lesson smoking weed has taught me.

  7. I've learned that unless your weed seeds comes from an indigenous south American tribal person who you can trust…. its been co-opted in some way. Its NOT authentic medicinal weed, and its probably dangerous.

  8. Alan is one of the people driving sustainable cannabis farming and land and soil remediation techniques forward in the world. Props to him and Grokashi as well as Kevin Jodrey and Soil King

  9. I think that what Alan is touching on with breeding and where things were steered has alot to do with this. HIGHLY interesting subject, and as far as I can tell will be my main area of focus from all angles especially from Jan's perspective. I do believe edibles that are fat based and salves for topical use are good sends and the smoke an acute symtom reliever and way to give thanks for the cycle of life, male cannabis plant pollinates female, produces seed, and they die, this is the cycle of life, it shows us to be patient, caring, aware and observant this just from growing it. Strength and agility shown in the stalk, had the pleasure of holding a walking stick made from.hemp the other day light, and strong, that being said cannabis isn't the end all be all, it is however a medicine which helped my stomach issues St an early age, as Jan said caused by shit foods. Keep it up everyone with or without cannabis.

  10. Will be growing my medicine in highly mineralized living soil this year, not going to aggravate my plants at all and want to continue following Jan's work as it's definitely enlightening to have more corroboration that cannabis is used a different being adulterated and or bred in the direction of an anesthetic agent mental and physical, that being said it's antiinflammatory properties and medicinal benefits are far ranging, I personally can ingest high levels of cannabinoids and myrcene as well and function in high stress physical and mental situations for long periods, that being said I place myself in such situations and train under heavy cannabinoid saturation, which isn't the easiest thing to do when we're talking about the levels that I am, I have seen people pass out for two days off an edible dose that equates to my morning cup of coffee

  11. If you look at how the homeless population has got out of control in cities with legalization of weed it becomes very apparent what kind of effect its having on the population. Zombiation. It's making other drugs like meth and opiates more popular also. There are a few videos on the homeless problem in Portland where a guy interviewed several people living in the streets who prefer that lifestyle over working and building a decent life. What does that tell you? I've seen with some of the people I know and their kids that all this stuff is causing them to go off the hook and lots of kids are being turned into stone-heads like nothing before… not good

  12. If the elites are pushing something, anything, whatever it is, it ain't good for you. Period. Think about the endless experiments the government has been doing to people for over 100 years. All the drugs they test and manipulate for their exploits why would they leave cannabis out. I'm pretty sure they have processed the cannabis drug down to perform in a way that continues to subjugate man and grow the power of his enslavement (government)

  13. Must've been stoned when they said weed causes suggestibility.

    …1000 years later, before the commies banned it in '75, Lao weed was the strongest (20% THC) in the world according to CIA, sold openly next to tobacco at the market for less than $10 per kilo, and only used by a small percent of population, mostly monks, none of them being children.

  14. You guys are so on point! I have been talking about this for the last 10 years and people don't get what I'm trying to say. There is no reason that they would legalized if it wasn't for their own benefit and to distract people, keep them dumb and lethargic…. not getting what's really going on, or being able to fight against it. Kudos!

  15. Jan I love your work, but your interviews have become so boring, unfactual, and full of far out anecdotal scare stories, that it makes me not want to listen anymore.

  16. That was a very clear discussion on the topic.. minus of course the "high tech" glitches..which is so ironic today. .. I remember 2007 skype running very smoothly with many connections – on an old computer. Another topic of 'annoyance-bugs' it's psycho-tronic soft warfare with modern versions of those big company software formulaes.

  17. Modern strains of drug marijuana ALL deplete your seratonin for at least 24 hours. If you are using it to go to sleep, you are in a vicious loop of un-recovery – similar to wine / alcohol drinkers – and many people double up.. weed and alcohol.. which is obviously even worse – but the 'loop' of seratonin drain has very far reaching implications on society. Into the spiritual world as well as you become very easy to be leeched off of, futher depleting your special 'chromo-' zones – this ties in with the 'pumping' found in ALL mainstream media now which pumps Women and Men dry of Adrenalin – that also tying in spiritually. Sure 'adrenalcrhome' is desired by these vampyr human(s?) – but this is direct electricty tethers from another demon-sion – Not sure which one ..there resides many things in different frequency separates. Don't delude youself to think you know what dimension is which.. that's a danger. Seratonin is a protection. Don't use it up. I won't bother mentioning Coffee..that's your battle to figure out.

  18. Hemp for the already universal freedom of choice of God's gifts. With Knowledge and dedication to the word, comes the 'proper' choice (drug vs progressive tools) . Mono-diet of smoking marijuana flowers, tricrhomes, ect is death. GMO weed has been sold already for decades. Tax stamps on those same gifts is blasphemous – there's no reason not to overuse that term with the beast system.

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