Trying "Kanna" With My Brother | Live Experience & Overview

My brother and I try various methods of ingesting this 100% legal (in the USA it is seen as a dietary supplement sold in vitamin shops) psychoactive succulent …


  1. Kanna sucks I tried smoking it which was eh a little spacy but way to subtle so it could be a placebo to me… and also chewing it with gum is hard since the powder mostly gets swallowed quickly with gum juice… maybe I'll try a tea or sublingual. but its not that great to me so far, I prefer speciosa tea. 😀

  2. i was under the impression (from my prescribing psychiatrist) that consuming anything containing serotonin or serotonin inhibitors whirl also using and ssri such as zoloft, prozac, etc, could still put you at risk of serotonin syndrome.
    from my understanding the only way to do drugs like this safely is to not be on an ssri. basically?m, it’s one or the other.
    all that being said i am super confused now. but just stating what i’ve been told by my dr. I can’t prove what i’m saying is right 100% but just my knowledge so maybe if this video isn’t 100% correct then i could help someone. but if i am wrong i would like to know. (not challenging your info, just stating my own)

  3. when asking how you use something sublingual as you go to throw it in your mouth and then claim to be educating people you come across as confusing. like at the very least. this is just you guys guessing and taking shit randomly. most of the time it seems well structured, but wow. do you actually not understand mucosa and what not? i am almost positive you do and cant tell if its sarcasm or what. have a good one either way my dudes…

  4. I am a huge fan of kratom, the green maeng da kratom seems to be the most effective for me, super relaxing, all stress and worries just kind of dissapear and all thats left is peacefull relaxation

  5. You may have to prime your system, like you said. You said Kanna works like a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. SRIs and SSRIs start working about 2 weeks to a month after starting the medication.

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