1. Great but less narration please. More clips. That is why we are watching. For the clips. No offense, but you narrating every second really interferes with the experience. No hate. Xo

  2. Psychology proves that opposite attracts is a false statement. Actually science will show that the best relationships are between people that are similar. A psychologist said that opposites may attract but they don't get along. It is clear in the series that the only thing Leonard likes about Penny is sex, nothing more. They don't have anything in common. In real life they would probably divorce.

  3. Cant help but notice that every gesture mentioned is prefaced with "it may not be conventional, but" or "it might not be the most romantic, but" making seem like the idea that anything superficially considered romantic should be seen as cute regardless of their actual compatibility.
    Dont get me wrong, in the beginning of the show it was so cute seeing the two of them trying to bond and try to show interest in what the other likes or does, but after a while it just felt like the writers gave up and said "let's just make it the joke that she's too good for him" when literally Leonard makes every possible sacrifice or gesture for her and she just tears him down all the time. Saying and doing cute things is nice for couples, but to me the meaning comes out when you completely understand how they ended up together

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