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  2. Now I want to punch this video in the face. – Hate videos like this, and informative videos that are basically the same thing. Obvious stuff is obvious. I wanted to learn about cancer cure and got this garbage. Again, I want to punch this video in the face.

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  4. Well done, sir. However, I'd like to point out an omission for the reasons people fall for this nonsense. You noted the packaging, the happy-looking people, the upbeat music, the easy-to-understand "science", but left out the most important one: people want a magic bullet. Humans are lazy, self-serving, wish-seeking mammals who want nothing more than to return to the womb, to be protected from harm, and to have mommy care for them the rest of their days. This infantile desire is one of the great moral dilemmas facing our species, and should be addressed whenever possible.

  5. HA! Laugh, you fools! Dr. Mercola will soon be getting richer and richer, selling this magic moss on his website, along with his Holistic Water. Of course, he uses advanced quantum blockchain transforms to convince the public.

  6. Amazing photo from 1816. That was my first clue this was not true. People believe this stuff. Did you use toilet bowl cleaner to create blue water? People are so gullible. For only $19.95 we'll not only send you one bottle but if you call in the next 10 minutes, we'll send you two bottles. Good work, Jonathan Jarry.

  7. We should never allow patently false or misleading claims on product labels or in advertising. But what about if a product or substance is known to be safe, and carries the possibility of preventing (or even curing) a disease? Should we allow manufacturers to say that it MAY prevent a disease? That is the real regulatory question for debate.

    Almost every woman intending to become pregnant or one that is pregnant now takes folic acid supplements. Yet the FDA, (see Pearson V. Shalala) wanted to prevent a statement that encouraged women to take folate supplements prior to and during pregnancy to prevent diseases like spina bifida from appearing on vitamin supplement labels. The FDA lost the case, and it lead to a remarkable change in vitamin supplement consumption (including that prescribed by doctors). In Canada, Health Canada grapples with the same question, but has chosen to address it in another (perhaps even less reliable) method. Science does not always provide conclusive evidence, and it is in these cases that we must proceed with caution — both on the side of preventing false claims but also on the side of not taking opportunities to prevent disease through improved nutritional health claims, even when the evidence is suggestive but not conclusive.

  8. Crick and Watson posited the double helix model in an April 1953 issue of Nature, not 1952.

    James Watson and Francis Crick (1953). "A structure for deoxyribose nucleic acid". Nature. 171 (4356): 737–738.

  9. Great video, but I think it has too much biomolecular detail to be convincing as a BS cancer cure pitch. Just say "it attacks the cancer" or "it fixes the cells" or something.

  10. My favourite nutritional MD is Dr Michael Greger of NutritionFacts. org. Michael uses evidenced based science and always says: "We didn't know, until now. You have to put it to the test with double blind, randomized and palcebo controlled tests". Nuff said!

  11. Gee. We need a video to show how naive, ignorant or gullible they are? What's next…a video showing water is wet?

    Btw. Is it just me or does it appear that John hasn't had a day of fun his entire adult life?

  12. At first I didn't believe it, but then, as a stage-4 cancer patient, I had nothing to lose, and 10 years later here I am: alive and kicking and cancer-free. This video saved my life!

  13. This moss molecule will also lengthened your telomeres, reverse cell damage, replenish your blood and regenerate broken organs, making you practically immortal. Trust me I should know, I'm a random guy on the internet.

  14. Speaking of pseudoscience, perhaps Johan Tarjany knew about the double-helix structure of DNA decades before it was discovered in 1952 because that structure has been known since ancient times, according to Jordan Peterson.
    See his "Map of Meaning 8" lecture, at 1h45m30s…
    …where he shows of an ancient image of intertwined snake-like figures, and says "I really do believe that's a representation of DNA". And there's no indication that he's joking!

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