The Green New Deal’s Bad Science

Mark Mills and James Meigs join John Stossel to discuss the Green New Deal, the limits of wind and solar power, and the “magical thinking” of an all-renewable …


  1. Claims "bad science" then proceeds to throw out random numbers while not actually explaining the science of anything all while being funded by the Koch brothers. Well thought out "think tank".

  2. The Left, Green fanatics…AOC…just don't understand the energy needs of this country and that of the planet. In their world view there are no airplanes (except maybe on the coast to Europe and Asia) and we all take trains. Problem is that the infrastructure for trains – tracks, railcars, stations and maintenance facilities – just aren't there and can't possibly be built in the ten or so years before the planet dies and takes us with it as AOC'll tell you is going to happen…

    Air travel is always going to be more economical for all parties concerned. When you want to fly somewhere (in the US lets say) then you just go (assuming you have the permissions necessary at the destination airport and some kind of facility and equipment for the aircraft), you don't have to lay the track to get to the destination and whatever may be encountered along with it… That's all terribly expensive let alone things don't pan out and you'd really like to discontinue service but you'd then run the risk of losing all the hard earned money that you invested. We'd have tracks only occasionally used if even going anywhere. With air travel, if a route proves or becomes unprofitable then you just pack up and stop flying there. Easy…

    It's why buses are better than trolleys because they're so much more flexible then a train that can only go where track has been laid.

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