1. We have a completely different definition of "cheat meal". For me, a cheat meal is when I pass by Cinnebon and go, "Fuck it", buy three of their buns and go to town. I've only had one such cheat meal since I started keto eight months ago, but my policy is that having such a cheat means that the next day at least is a fast.

  2. The problem with cheating with Keto desserts is the fact that these artificial sweeteners (in the dessert) are just as unhealthy as sugar itself. I would rather just eat non-Keto desserts on my cheat days with IF.

  3. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL "The way you cheat on keto is… you STAY keto, and just eat a lot more calories" LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL (Oh and here's crap that makes you feel better) Love it.

  4. I see so many people being judgemental about keto treats. .they act all high and mighty saying stuff like, well we don't eat that…the fact is people cheat.with cheeseburgers and subs and cookies and sugar…eating keto snacks can keep you from blowing it, that's what they don't get…stop being all high and mighty and thinking you're better than us who eat these keto treats! Because you're not.

  5. I successfully lost weight and have maintained my goal weight on keto for about two years now. I don't think I could have done it without keto snacks. I'd like to know what other keto friendly snacks I may find in stores.

  6. This presentation was both interesting and important. A lot of information. I think I am going to have to watch it three times. What I am about to say my not be exactly related but I think it is. 70% of say 2400 calories is a lot of say coconut oil for the liver to process, even when divided into three meals. If you have a fatty or toxin burdened liver it may not be such a good idea to try to do this on a continuous basis, at least at first. But having a high calorie "cheat day" once a week might help to condition, and detoxify the liver? What do you think? Am I on the right track?

  7. This is by far the best video. My cheat days were all wrong and you set me straight. Thanks Thomas. I have a metabolism that slows down so much I can’t lose on 1000 calls / day So I speed it up by having cheat days but I’m doing it with carbs – ALL WRONG! Now I got it So important this new information in this video.

  8. I'm curious about something. I looked at the Bragg's ACV drinks online. The grape one has 40 calories and 10 carbs per bottle. The honey one has 120 calories and 28 carbs per bottle. How can we drink these while we are fasting and it not break the fast?

  9. Just wanted to say that you're videos motivate me to stay on track and have kept me away from all the big Pharma conventional medications and the traditional cycle of healthcare. Your videos have directly impacted the course of my life and given me a chance to get back to normal. Without info like this, I could just have been very easily gotten to a very bad place or even really sick.

  10. Thomas would love to see what your cheat meal / leptin homeostasis meal looks like…. I've been innately been doing this when I eat a cauliflower pizza once a week. This is good info and has been helping me get over my brain's constant impulse to eat carbs and more food. …… Also I love your keto snacks and special product food recommendations you put on your video. Susie's Good Fats and the Keto Bars were great plugs in your earlier video. And will be sure to check out Fat Snax. Would love to hear more products like this. You do a great job with helping us Keto Dieters out there and sharing the info with all of us.

  11. Question, I need information on how much protein/fat on OMAD, where can I get all of this information, also you mentioned coconut cheese, and is dairy not the way to go? advice would be helpful.

  12. I am the rarity. I don't want cookies and ice cream except for once a year or so. How would I up my calorie intake on a non-dessert cheat day? Is it just a case of having a few more ounces of meat and topping it with an herbed butter?

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