Ronan Meets Thanos Scene – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) IMAX Movie CLIP HD

Ronan The Accuser Meets Thanos Scene – Visits Thanos – Thanos vs Ronan – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) IMAX Movie CLIP HD [1080p] TM & © Disney …


  1. After watching Endgame and learning how Thanos fights in his armor without the stones that smile Thanos has on the end is even more sweet. It means boy you just try it oh pretty please try it so I can either decapitate you or punch you into pudding in under 10 seconds.

  2. They need to be more careful when designing characters and staying true to those designs. Thanos looks significantly different in Avengers and what happened to this throne and place? His voice is also different, deeper. This scene seemed more realistic to the comics than the MCU. All pretty noticeable.

  3. I like how 2018 Thanos is a sympathy and wise noble man, while 2014 Thanos is an intimidating warlord with great ambition. That's why in Endgame , 2014 Thanos is way scarier than the Thanos at early of the movie

  4. I find it surreal that this particular Thanos from this movie in 2014


    is the Thanos that the Avengers end up fighting in Endgame!
    It makes my head spin but in a good way!

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