One Man’s Fight to Save Traditional Muay Thai Boxing | Short Film Showcase

Wisarut Wat Suksiriwararak is an old Muay Thai fighter from Pai in Northern Thailand. He now runs his own gym in Pai, passing down his knowledge of …


  1. ผมทำหนังสั้นมาก่อน ลุงคนนี้พูดได้ งง มากครับ เช่น มันเป็นธุรกิจทำให้เสียหาย เสียหายยังไงแล้วลุงแก ไม่ได้ทำธุรกิจค่ายหรอ

  2. Tiger muay thai is an example of buying and selling the soul out of muay thai.
    All about the benjamins!
    With all respect.
    It is no longer an art.. its a trade!
    A profit trade buisnness

  3. I as a practitioner feel too much respect to this martial art my Khru shows us the art culture Spirituality Strench Respect to Ours adversaries this art is Beautiful Expretion of thai people

  4. as the martial arts get more popular and offers high amount of money, all of them are loosing their spiritual and cultural traditions to focus only in sportive winning belts and money … but martial art was never intend to thse modern things .. it was made to protect ones country, to control one´s sense, anger, mind, to give equilibrium, to keep good health, to be always respectfull, to learn the laws of a king etc…nowadays to get to know what martial art is, very hard, only few can teach.

  5. I agree with him and promotions like MAX are more KO oriented and the beauty of Muay Fimeu is being overlooked to please western MMA type crowds. Smart also spoke on the decline of Muay Thai. It's a shame.

  6. I'd rather do MMA than Muay Thai; if I'm getting jabbed or I'm in trouble in the clinch I can at least do a takedown to bring the fight to the ground

  7. I love Muay Thai so much. I've never seen anything come close to this style of fighting. It's brutal and honest. I still dig Judo and American boxing, but Muay Thai will always do it for me. 👍👍👍

  8. When I see comments saying Muay Thai warriors should go to UFC, I want to cry! I adore the Art of Muay Thai! What Muay Thai has is unique! Muay Thai is 20 yo guys with 200+ fights, eating, breathing and sleeping Muay Thai! It's a religion, a tradition, a history, a way of life all in one! And it really hurts me to see awesome Muay Thai fimeu dying to gambling. Next time before comparing it with MMA please consider there are those who understand, feel and appreciate the art as it is. And to us, that comment is as dumb as telling a virtuous pianist to go do some painting. Just don't do it!

  9. Its fading (if it even is?) because of Time, no one has Time anymore, the time to spend ten years mastering a proper martial art like Muay Thai, western Boxing, Judo or even proper old school Jiu Jitsu,…MMA has produced this instant fix where a fighter is a jack of all trades but rarely a master of one.

  10. อาวุธมวยไทย มีไว้ฆ่าคู่ต่อสู้นะสมัยโบราณ ใช้ทุกส่วนของร่างกายแต่สมัยนี้อาวุธมวยไทยลดบทบาทลงน้อยมากเพราะมันอันตรายเลยเห็นแค่ไม่กี่ท่าเองบนเวที จิ้มตา หัก
    แขน หักขา ชกคอหอย บนเวทีใช้ไม่ได้ตอนนี้แม่ไม้มวยไทยท่าแต่ละท่าค่อยๆลดหายไปเพราะเวทีห้าม

  11. I honestly dont see the problem here, for starters what is traditional muay thai versus commercial muay thai? all commercialism has done for muay thai, is too make it bigger and more popular, sport around the world. It would be the equivalent to say that manchester city has ruined traditional football, which they havent, if anything city has made the premier league more excting.

  12. Can't see severity of the problem that made this plot. All traditions are on decline, especially in a tourism infested Thailand. But Muai-Thai is less affected of all. Because continuous proofing of its value on a ring is an inherent (build in) part of the art.

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