Ohio Marijuana Pod – Episode 1 – Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient Registry Update

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has officially launched the Ohio medical marijuana patient registration. We’ve got all the details you’ll need here in this first …


  1. I went to a medical MJ doctor, with medical referral, a qualifying medical condition and faxed medical records. I was treated rudely, as if I was an inappropriate med seeker. My HIPPA rights were violated by the window greeter discussing my medical details loudly, into a room of waiting people. As if I was a misbehaving 3 child, and said the records had not been sent and she could not have misplaced them. I have proof that the records were sent. I am 73, an RN, and have reasonable expectations of medical situations. I am the sick person and yet I have to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop……omg it is a nightmare. I just gave up.

  2. So I have PTSD and a patient… Ohio loves taking it’s time, because well we are Ohio and suck. I want to know if I can go to Michigan, but my medicine and bring it back to Ohio. I mean I have a medical card. It makes sense both ways.

  3. Is marijuana being reclassified below schedule 1
    Considering The schedule one doesn’t apply because marijuana has been proven medically sound as a medicine so it cannot be scheduled one

  4. If yo are a veteran you get a huge discount. HOWEVER…..You must send in your DD-214 and it will take several weeks longer to get your card. Another delay. You can't send your DD-214 ahead of time. I already called and asked them.

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